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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Traffic I`m really glad not to be out in 

Mid=March, and a week of snow, with more promised.   Spring it isn`t.

We were at a local show last weekend, and it took place in a blizzard that would have made Captain Scott think twice.  I could see the venue just vaguely from the car park, and it was difficult to get the dogs in without each one accumulating a little cap of snow.

As the judging went on, the snow drove relentlessly down.  I could see the judge glancing out at the weather, then speeding up.   People left early.  We worried that we would never get home.  We did not wait for the puppy class.

"You can have enough of this white stuff!"
But the further north we headed, the less snow.   And my road was quite passable this time.

Last night we had a further blizzard, leaving 4 inches by morning.   And it snowed on.   Even the dogs - even the young ones - lost some of their enthusiasm.  I didn`t dare go out, remembering my last trouble on the road.

Damp dogs everywhere.  All very jolly.  Even the Chin managed to get wet...and nothing looks worse than a wet Chin. especially when it is scowling at you for allowing this weather to happen.

So we stayed in and watched the disruption on TV, and I shuttled dogs in and out and tried not to think about the next heavy snow promised for the weekend,

Monday, March 11, 2013


My road didn`t look too bad...
A cold start and nevertheless I thought I would really have to go and shop.   So I set off along the road with my trusty shopping trolley. The road really didn`t look too bad and the snow was crisp.

I passed my Good Neighbours` house and sstarted up the hill towards civilisation.

The first warning was the Water van stuck at the side of the road.  The driver indicated that he wasn`t going any further.   He made some pithy comments about the nature of his job and the inadequacy of the pay.   Then a tractor appeared, hauling a car up the hill.   I realised the road surface was a sheet of ice.

I proceeded with caution.   Nevertheless, I fell twice.

Realising that the third time was very unlikely to be lucky, I turned for home.   I met the tractor, having another go, and was entertained by his spectacular skid, ending up in the hedge at an angle.

My Good Neighbour and I studying the ice slide...note the abandoned car. 

And as he righted himself, a silver car came from behind, did a 360 degree spin and ended up right across the little road, blocking it.

I headed back on to my road, and found my Good Neighbour about to drive off.  I suggested that this was not the morning to take out a car, and we both walked over to the hill and watched the spectacle of the tractor, hauling another car, trying and failing to negotiate the silver car roadblock (now abandoned), and sliding back gently and inevitably on to the car it was pulling.

"I think I might leave it till later"  said my Good Neighbour.

And we both went back home to large pots of hot tea.

Saturday, March 09, 2013


Not exactly the best   Crufts for me.

Cupcake, who behaved impeccably and looked good, just wasn`t liked, and came 5th.

Angel - "We wuz robbed!"
Angel...well, she carried a disaster area with her like a halo.  In addition to being hyperexcited, she felt the need to pee at least three times on the already rather...moist...famous green carpet.   The production of two little steaming piles of droppings  at important moments as well added to the sensational effect she was having.   Yes, it got her noticed.   No it didn`t get her anything else, like a place.  She swaggered out, a little puzzled that her star performance had not been appreciated.

Cupcake had been upset when I took her out of the crate to be shown, and wailed that he couldn`t be left alone.   So he was put in with my friend`s dog puppy, with whom he gets on really well.

Yes, they did get on really well.   When I came back they were playing a certain game much favoured by puppy dogs, with great enthusiasm, taking turns to be on top.   The bench was surrounded by fascinated tourists, with cameras.  I hurried to get him out, hoping that the next meme to go viral on YouTube will not be "bonking dogs at Crufts"   (with "I like to move it" as soundtrack).

It was fascinating to see all the foreign dogs, most of them champions, and most having the same fate as Angel.   It was good to  meet old friends.  But it was also very tiring, as was the journey home through endless roadworks and drizzle.

Maybe better next year.

Monday, March 04, 2013


Papillon show travel box...
We have been going to a number of local open shows, - good practice for the dogs, and a social event for the humans, with no pressure.  Cupcake and Belle have been doing quite well, with Best of Breed for him, and Toy Puppy Group 1 for her last weekend.

I was looking around the venue this weekend, when I was brought up short by a huge apparition.  It was black, almost five feet high, made entirely of metal, with rivets and steel bars much in evidence.  A huge impregnable metal cube.

...and Velociraptor show travel box
And yet it looked strangely familiar.  I reached into my memory - and pulled out JURASSIC PARK.   That was just the sort of reinforced crate they used to transport Velociraptors.

No, I didn`t go over and look through the bars.

I don`t judge Velociraptors.  They are not included in the Toy Group, or even the Hound one (for which I am profoundly grateful).  I expect the Kennel Club would fit them into the Utility Group some how....

Although as dinosaurs, they possibly belong on the judges list.

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