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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Traffic I`m really glad not to be out in 

Mid=March, and a week of snow, with more promised.   Spring it isn`t.

We were at a local show last weekend, and it took place in a blizzard that would have made Captain Scott think twice.  I could see the venue just vaguely from the car park, and it was difficult to get the dogs in without each one accumulating a little cap of snow.

As the judging went on, the snow drove relentlessly down.  I could see the judge glancing out at the weather, then speeding up.   People left early.  We worried that we would never get home.  We did not wait for the puppy class.

"You can have enough of this white stuff!"
But the further north we headed, the less snow.   And my road was quite passable this time.

Last night we had a further blizzard, leaving 4 inches by morning.   And it snowed on.   Even the dogs - even the young ones - lost some of their enthusiasm.  I didn`t dare go out, remembering my last trouble on the road.

Damp dogs everywhere.  All very jolly.  Even the Chin managed to get wet...and nothing looks worse than a wet Chin. especially when it is scowling at you for allowing this weather to happen.

So we stayed in and watched the disruption on TV, and I shuttled dogs in and out and tried not to think about the next heavy snow promised for the weekend,
Ah gorgeous Angel, you and your brother would have a ball making mayhem in all that white, cold, wet stuff! He loves it ! Many towels have been needed recently x
Did both Shelby and Ella get wet and give you " the look?" My pair just become poor broken doggies when they get wet. I cannot imagine what they would do with snow.
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