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Monday, March 20, 2017


Haven`t been here for a while, as since the New Year I seem to have had every infection possible, and as a result I missed Crufts – and most other things.  Kaiju and Figaro and Sparkle went, however, but were not liked by what seems to have been a very confused judge indeed.  Quite glad I wasn`t there after all.


Meanwhile, the puppies are still here and still growing.  I have begun to train them.   We started with the very simple idea that when I called their name they would come over, stand and receive a titbit.   This lesson was greatly appreciated.  By the third time they were lined up in expectation.


I called Comet and he stood and had his reward.  Then I called Clara – and he turned on his sisters, biting and screeching to drive them off.  It was all to be his!  He would be back in a moment to collect theirs when he had dealt with them.  Unfortunately his sisters are made of sterner stuff.   A ferocious puppy battle ensued, in which Comet wasn`t exactly the winner…  I decided training was over for the day.


They are of an age to run riot, and especially outdoors where they are great explorers.  Tess Trueheart, their long-suffering mother has had enough, and we are getting to the stage when she will have to be bribed to spend time with  the little horrors.



At the moment they are all fast asleep on my foot.  It means I can`t move – but oh, the peace and quiet!

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