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Monday, November 18, 2013


Winter marches on, and the puppies grow. 

Solitaire`s two are fat and furry, as broad as they are long and toddle about with very waggy tails and a serious expression.  Life is full of challenges and surprises.

Plush Nov 2013
Plush - very serious

Cupcake`s two, on the other hand, have begun their education.  They have been to training class.  It was a bit of a shock the first time, and Plush decided that if she shut her eyes it just wasn`t there.  Mr Wag gave it some thought and decided at last that his basic philosophy would apply here, so he went round and wagged his hardest at the strange dogs, with very good results.  However, when Plush at last accepted that she was at training, not visiting some circle of hell, she walked on the lead.   Mr Wag will not do this.  He has made it clear that it is girlie nonsense, all very well for his sister but not for a real man.

Mr Wag Nov 13
Mr Wag - "Why should I wear a collar and lead?"

Their next educational step was to visit a show.   Not to take part – just to take in the ambience.  They were immediately appropriated by friends and passed round a lot of knees.  It was greatly appreciated. Meanwhile Angel, who won Best of Breed, was assuring them that dog shows were Great Fun.  Cuddled and stuffed with titbits, I think somehow they agreed with her….

Solitaire Time Bomb puppy dog, 5 weks
Solitaire`s little boy at 5 weeks

They may have quite a future ahead of them.

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