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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Kaiju had another show, and again fully enjoyed himself.  He was placed in a variety class for minor puppies – didn`t expect more.  In some breeds puppies just look like miniature adults – Papillon puppies look like gangly things the moths have been at.  So they are at a disadvantage.  Kaiju didn`t care – it was all good fun.  And I was well pleased – he looked good.  His BF Sparkle was best of breed.   So a good day.

Kaiju 7mths 3
Kaiju  poses at the show - very full of it.

Later I was talking to a friend who has Chin.   She was describing problems in getting her male Chin to come in – he dances about at the door, will not be caught, then comes back and stands at the door looking in, and will repeat the peformance ad nauseam.   He may stay out all night…

Suddenly I realised she was describing Shelby.  When I call the dogs in, they all come in a rush, and usually Shelby is with them.  But quite often he just refuses to come.   He stares at me, dances about, backs off when I try to pick him up, then comes back to hang about at the door, gazing in.  Sometimes I wait till rain makes him rethink his position radically.  (Everyone knows that Chin melt in the rain.)  Sometimes I try to get him in with a titbit.  It has to be placed in the little run, then I back off while he goes and sniffs at it, then, if he decides it is satisfactory, he will turn round 3 times and then I am allowed to pick him up.   He has been known to stay out all night.  I have been known to get very angry and frustrated, especially after midnight.   I had concluded I had a mentally disturbed dog – the only one in the world.

And now I was hearing that he was not alone.   I told her all the details.  “Yes, that`s right.  It`s a male Chin thing.     Lots of them do it.  They`re all as
mad as a box of frogs!”

Shelby head  appealing
Shelby - mad as a box of frogs

I was astonished.  And I must say, although there was some relief in realising that I did not own the only mad Chin in the world, it didn`t really solve the problem.

Ella the girl Chin would not dream of doing anything so stupid.  Ella is very practical.  The house is full of food.   The great outdoors is not.  Coming in is a no-brainer.  There is always the hope of cake and ice-cream, the two prime motivators of Ella`s existence.

Meanwhile I just let Shelby out.   But I had a look at the rain radar first.

By lunchtime there should be no problem at all…
I hope that you do not have a drought. Shelby would never come in.
Janet (from very dry California)
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