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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 

And here is the reason that I have had a very quiet festive season indeed.  Tess Trueheart, despite all my worry, had no problem at all in producing three large puppies on Boxing Day, in the wee small hours – why always at night? – and settled to them at once.  Neither mother nor babies have looked back since.

She is very pleased with herself, and probably thinks she has done something no bitch has ever done before.  The tail wags all the time.   And she is very taken with the respect she is getting from my other girls.  A mother always gets respect, and this is quite new to Tess, and very enjoyable. Meanwhile the two girls and one boy are growing like weeds.  They are strong and pushy and resent being picked up – all good signs. 


So here we go again with another litter.   Who knows what next year will bring for them?  I will be hopeful.

Sunday, December 25, 2016


Xmas Pap  card2007

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Haven`t been here for a while.  Still struggling on , though.

Kaiju and Figaro have blossomed. Kaiju has had a good and successful time at shows. However, they are not with me at the moment.  They are both with a friend, who is suffering their endless and very active play.

The brothers are still devoted to each other.  Put them together and they are rolling about , wrestling and barking.  I have never seen this before.  I cast my mind back, and I remember Florian and Marcus as young brothers, looking sideways with obvious contempt at each other – Florian saw Marcus as a pushy young nuisance, while Marcus saw Florian, who was, to be fair, a lazy and distracted youth, as an idiot.    Marcus turned into a showy little person, devoted to bitches.  He would go up to strangers and ask to sit on their knee and be very attentive.    “Isn`t he sweet!”  they would say.    And I would ask if they had a bitch in season at home.    How did I know?    Well, I didn`t but Marcus did.    And he would like to go home with them.     

Florian, on the other hand, grew up to climb trees.

But Kaiju and Figaro are simply very affectionate.

Kaiju is away to be shown at events I can`t get to, for reasons which will become evident in a moment.

Kaiju just 11 months

Figaro, alas, has gone for remedial education.  He has decided that  his future will be The World According  To Figaro.   He will do what he likes.  And if he finds showing a bore, he will just sit down in the ring…or possibly lie down, to really make the point.  I am hoping this is just adolescent nonsense, as he is a very pretty and showy young person, and in no way a Bad Dog.    Meanwhile my good friend is suffering the two of them racketing about the house and inviting her well-behaved Papillons to join them in riotous games. (And they don`t need to be asked twice).

Figaro, behaving for once

Meanwhile Tess Trueheart is awaiting a happy event.  And I am hoping desperately that she will not choose to have them on Christmas day, when vets and help are not available.

Watch this space….

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