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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Last night I let Angel out for a final pee. She is always last to go out, as she sleeps on my bed (usually round my neck.) Soon there came a little scratch at the door, telling me she wanted to come in. I opened the door, and in she strolled, along with her new friend.
A badger.
A fully grown badger.
I now had a badger in my house.
Angel wagged her tail. She was quite content with all this. Just as well, as if she had shown any aggression, the badger could easily have killed her. ( What had she told him ? That this was a good place, full of dogfood and you get to sleep on the bed?)
Well, I now had a problem. The badger was sniffing around, obviously making himself at home.

"Why can`t I live with you and Angel?"
When I told all this to a friend next day she said “Why didn`t you put it on Instagram? Or Facebook?” Well, I have news for her. When your house is invaded by a badger, you do not instantly reach for your phone. Or a camera. You reach for something to use to get the bugger out! In my case this was a broom. He had no intentions of leaving and I had to become...quite insistent.
Eventually I swept his fat bottom out of the door, and he turned to look at me reproachfully. As he was showing every intention of coming back in, I slammed the door quickly. And locked it.
Angel looked brightly at me. She wagged her tail. “Bed now?”

Angel  Birmingham 13
"Didn`t you like my new friend?"

And so we went to bed.
Country life!

I'd've loved to see a picture too, but totally understand the not reaching for a phone :)
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