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Monday, December 31, 2012


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...when you should be thinking over the events of the past year.  

But on the whole I`d rather not.

Instead I spent a happy time having the field drain, which has proved totally inadequate for the change in our weather, inspected for possible improvement.  Although it occurs to me when I look at the relentless overflow that maybe I should just harness the rushing water for hydro power and reduce my bills.   Meanwhile it piles up silt at my door, and the puppies love to play in it.

It has indeed been the year of muddy dogs.   Can`t remember one as bad.  A monsoon year, with some of the wettest outdoor shows ever.  People wearing out their wellies and developing webbed feet.

A reasonable year in the showring, despite health problems.  And I have great hopes for the puppies.  Well, if we didn`t have those fond delusions, we wouldn`t make plans for the coming year  - which will, of course, be a glorious one.

And I hope yours is too.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


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                         WET  CHRISTMAS

As the festive day nears, I am sitting listening to the wind and rain beating on the windows and trying not to think about the flood running past the door (the field drain has failed again and I am not going out in that to shovel silt out of it.)

Even the puppies are a bit subdued by the weather, but always willing to prove the old saying that there is nothing more friendly than a really wet dog.   They feel that their real vocation is sitting on me, especially if they have some mud to spread.

Nevertheless, they have been to their first Really Big Show at the NEC no less, and did really well.   A huge hall full of strange dogs, many of them large, can be scary for a puppy and I had my doubts.    No need.   Cupcake and Belle were enchanted by the noise and people and different dogs.  And in the ring they behaved perfectly, with the result that Cupcake is now going to Crufts with Angel.  

He is very self-assured and laid back in the ring, but Belle is much more serious and never takes her eyes off me.   "Am I doing it right, Mum?"  Being placed on the table to be inspected, she gazed intently at the judge with big black eyes - "I expect you are a nice person - my Mum wouldn`t let you touch me otherwise."

 Really, the puppies don`t offer much to write about.   They don`t misbehave, don`t get into trouble, aren`t even very destructive.   (I wonder if they are really Papillons?).  Quietest litter I`ve had for years.

It has been a mixed year for me, with far too many hospital visits, and the puppies have been a highlight.  (I`m trying hard to think of another!)

What`s on the horizon?   Well,perhaps a home for Gracie.  I have no worries about her settling well.

And in the New Year the intense excitement of the chainsaw men.   All my electricity comes in on overhead wires,and the company hires contractors to prune any trees which have grown too near to the cables.   What actually arrives is a group of young chainsaw maniacs straight out of a Tarantino film, with glazed eyes and an unnerving habit of revving up their saws.  "We`ve come to fell the trees!"  And so they would, if I didn`t follow them about shouting "No!".  The one who assessed the situation said they would only deal with "the willows and crab apples".   I have no crab apples, and the only willow is at the front of the house.   Trouble ahead.

Apart from that, a rest until the show season starts - which is not long.

And then off we go again!

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas, everyone!

Monday, December 03, 2012


Well, the dreaded snow has hit.   Not too much, but the weatherman`s promises that it would just melt away were nonsense, and we are stuck with it.

I never understand the attraction snow has for dogs.   It`s cold, wet, and they are much closer to it than we are.   Where`s the fun in that?

For Cupcake, Belle and Gracie, it was their very first snow.   And they were delighted.

It goes without saying that I did not join in!

Saturday, December 01, 2012


Nothing here for a while, because I have been struggling with a really bad cold and a hacking and really interesting cough - the sort that empties rooms and sends bus passengers off huddling in corners.   The dogs are well used to me coughing and treat it with the same amused contempt as when I shout at them.

"We`re ready - let`s go again!"
Thoughtful Cupcake and bouncing Belle

Winter is here, and I hope it gets no worse.  I don`t mind sunny days and frosty nights provided they are not too severe.    I am hoping for a repeat of last year`s mild winter.   Hope is a great thing.

The puppies are coming on.  They went to their first breed show last week.   Very exciting.   Lots of other Papillons.  They behaved impeccably - Cupcake very laid back, and Belle very serious and anxious to get it right for Mum.   And it was Belle who was Best Bitch Puppy, much to her surprise and mine.  

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