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Monday, March 04, 2013


Papillon show travel box...
We have been going to a number of local open shows, - good practice for the dogs, and a social event for the humans, with no pressure.  Cupcake and Belle have been doing quite well, with Best of Breed for him, and Toy Puppy Group 1 for her last weekend.

I was looking around the venue this weekend, when I was brought up short by a huge apparition.  It was black, almost five feet high, made entirely of metal, with rivets and steel bars much in evidence.  A huge impregnable metal cube.

...and Velociraptor show travel box
And yet it looked strangely familiar.  I reached into my memory - and pulled out JURASSIC PARK.   That was just the sort of reinforced crate they used to transport Velociraptors.

No, I didn`t go over and look through the bars.

I don`t judge Velociraptors.  They are not included in the Toy Group, or even the Hound one (for which I am profoundly grateful).  I expect the Kennel Club would fit them into the Utility Group some how....

Although as dinosaurs, they possibly belong on the judges list.
Imagine banging your shin against the edge of that thing! Sheesh!
Later on I discovered that it was for 2 Cresteds!
"Later on I discovered that it was for 2 Cresteds!"

Haha! Plus living quarters for their owner, I hope!
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