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Saturday, September 17, 2011

"I`ll soon sort that car out!"

"Life is very big and serious....."


Best foot forward, Angel!


As we head for winter, which I dread, the stormy weather arrives. The last one was touted as a hurricane by the media, and when it merely turned out to be an autumn storm, they were hard put to find footage of damage and bad weather.

All I had was a covering of leaves, and the contents of a planter sitting intact, like a large posy, on the doormat. Clearly the planter itself had felt the urge to travel, and was probably in the next county. Things do travel here in the wind. I remember checking after one really bad storm, and stopping in shock to see my large garden shed, intact and unharmed, and looking rather surprised, sitting in the middle of my neighbour`s field, like a shabby Tardis.

Stormy times with the puppies too, who are well into the puppy battle stage, and growl and pull tails furiously. I already have a dominant dog, and a very sweet girl. The other lad is very laid back and probably a bit of a numpty.

The other week a friend visited, and the puppies came out. Angel, the girl, ran to be picked up by the stranger. The dog couldn`t take his eyes off the car. His hackles rose. He ran at the car and barked and growled furiously. He barked so hard, all his feet left the ground with each bark. At last he stopped, and studied the vehicle. Then the boy, who at five weeks was the size of a really large guinea pig (with legs), trotted back to me and wagged his tail. "I`ve sorted that, mum. You`ll have no more trouble with it.".

He is definitely one to watch.

Saturday, September 03, 2011


Never underestimate the power of the Puppy Pack!

Solitaire`s litter at 5 weeks. The ferocious leader in front is the little girl.....one to watch, and the image of her mother at that age.

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