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Monday, March 11, 2013


My road didn`t look too bad...
A cold start and nevertheless I thought I would really have to go and shop.   So I set off along the road with my trusty shopping trolley. The road really didn`t look too bad and the snow was crisp.

I passed my Good Neighbours` house and sstarted up the hill towards civilisation.

The first warning was the Water van stuck at the side of the road.  The driver indicated that he wasn`t going any further.   He made some pithy comments about the nature of his job and the inadequacy of the pay.   Then a tractor appeared, hauling a car up the hill.   I realised the road surface was a sheet of ice.

I proceeded with caution.   Nevertheless, I fell twice.

Realising that the third time was very unlikely to be lucky, I turned for home.   I met the tractor, having another go, and was entertained by his spectacular skid, ending up in the hedge at an angle.

My Good Neighbour and I studying the ice slide...note the abandoned car. 

And as he righted himself, a silver car came from behind, did a 360 degree spin and ended up right across the little road, blocking it.

I headed back on to my road, and found my Good Neighbour about to drive off.  I suggested that this was not the morning to take out a car, and we both walked over to the hill and watched the spectacle of the tractor, hauling another car, trying and failing to negotiate the silver car roadblock (now abandoned), and sliding back gently and inevitably on to the car it was pulling.

"I think I might leave it till later"  said my Good Neighbour.

And we both went back home to large pots of hot tea.
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