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Monday, March 03, 2014


Well, the holiday is over, and young Sparkle and Tess Trueheart have come home.   I got them back at a local show, where they attracted  a lot of attention, especially the boy – I think Sparkle must suppose his name is really “Awww!”

They have learned to walk on the lead and I think Tess has gained some confidence.  I  worried that they would have forgotten me and this house.   Not a bit of it.  They sailed in as if they had never left, to be narrowly inspected by their mother, who obviously assumed the worst – fleas, distemper, missing limbs, plague – and greeted with absolute delight by Plush, who sees them as her family, and began at once to wash them.  They rioted about and it was as if they

Sparkle March 14
Sparkle, aka  "Awww!"

had never left…

Except, of course, that they have grown.  I can see quite a lot of growth potential in Tess – knobbly knees are a good indicator – and Sparkle`s head looks too big for his body.   All that will sort itself out of course.  And then I will be able to predict their future, which I hope will be really good.

Meanwhile, I am getting ready for Crufts.  It is a big event, in a huge venue, and I just hope I will be up to all the walking about….it is more than a half mile walk just to reach the building from the car park, and then you have to trek through all the halls.   I am not up to too much trailing about these days.   But it is the great dog event of the year, and I wouldn`t miss it, even if Angel and Belle are not too likely to win.

I will of course report fully on it in due course.   Watch this space!

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