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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 

And here is the reason that I have had a very quiet festive season indeed.  Tess Trueheart, despite all my worry, had no problem at all in producing three large puppies on Boxing Day, in the wee small hours – why always at night? – and settled to them at once.  Neither mother nor babies have looked back since.

She is very pleased with herself, and probably thinks she has done something no bitch has ever done before.  The tail wags all the time.   And she is very taken with the respect she is getting from my other girls.  A mother always gets respect, and this is quite new to Tess, and very enjoyable. Meanwhile the two girls and one boy are growing like weeds.  They are strong and pushy and resent being picked up – all good signs. 


So here we go again with another litter.   Who knows what next year will bring for them?  I will be hopeful.

oh my goodness- what an adorable bundle of cuteness- nothing beats the 'winter blahs' like new puppies (although at about age 6 weeks there comes a slight feeling of incredulity at so much hyper-activity from such small beings)- all good wishes to you and all your charming companions for a happy, healthy, and successful 2017-

best regards-
barb in texas
Cute overload! Congratulations! It is too bad that puppies (and other little offspring) can't arrive at a convenient hour.
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