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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Well, I admit, that`s what I said to Solitaire last time, when after a honeymoon which was by all accounts not the happiest on record, and from which she attempted a spectacular escape....but a very attractive dog was offered, and I thought she might have just one last fling.   So off we set on the road south, and soon she was being introduced to a very handsome chap.

She was amazingly unimpressed.  She parked herself determinedly on my knee, and when I got up to leave, having given stern warnings about her Houdini alter ego, climbing like a monkey and leaping tall buildings at a single bound (at this the stud dog owner looked in disbelief at the rather portly little lady standing unhappily before him), she shot into her travelling box, ready for off.
"Never again!" - Solitaire

Alas, she was staying, at least for a few days.

And this time all went well.   She did not escape over the fence into the fish pond - I had visions of her swimming across that to freedom - and got on quite well, if not enthusiastically, with the dog.   I set off in the train to get her back.

I was met at the station, and she was ecstatic.    I took her off to the platform, had a cup of tea and we waited for the train home.

To check the times, I walked a few yards over to the big board.  Screams and thumps broke out behind me, as Solitaire wailed that she had been Abandoned and Deserted in a travel box by a cruel owner.   All the station staff at once converged on the abused animal, and I had to run back and spend some time explaining about the honeymoon and separation anxiety and going home - lots of raised eyebrows at that.

On the train she had to be left in the luggage area at the end of the compartment, where she wailed softly, and I wished it was easier to transport animals in this country.  Eventually she fell asleep, and I could relax.

Home, and delighted to be there.  And a huge welcome from her brat daughter, Angel, who amazingly had really missed her, to the extent of waking me four times in the night for a cuddle. 

And now we wait and see.

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