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Wednesday, May 06, 2015


Cupcake winning the final award which makes him an International Champion.   (He doesn`t look all that impressed….   But I am!)

Cupcake wins 4th CACIB and is CIB CH

Monday, May 04, 2015


Ably handled by my good friend Diane, Cupcake has hit the heights.  He won the final CACIB this weekend, and is now, subject to confirmation, an International Champion – CIB CH VOLPECULA SET IN GOLD. 

Cupcake at a year old

I never thought, that hot day when he walked out with one ear down (the other descended in sympathy a day later) and I had to suddenly rethink his career, that it would all end so well.  He had little future as a Phalene, a drop-eared Papillon, in the UK, where, to be honest, they are not much liked and always come off badly competing against erect-eared Papillons.  But anywhere else in Europe, Phalenes are seen as a different breed, and he would have real chances.  So off he went across the sea to Ireland and a happy life on a farm with lots of freedom, fun and good fresh food.  And shows…  at which he did really well.

Cupcake at Dun Laoghaire
International Champion - Cupcake today.

I admit I really do miss him.

But he is happy and successful and will come back some day.

Meanwhile,  “Ears to him!”

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