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Saturday, March 09, 2013


Not exactly the best   Crufts for me.

Cupcake, who behaved impeccably and looked good, just wasn`t liked, and came 5th.

Angel - "We wuz robbed!"
Angel...well, she carried a disaster area with her like a halo.  In addition to being hyperexcited, she felt the need to pee at least three times on the already rather...moist...famous green carpet.   The production of two little steaming piles of droppings  at important moments as well added to the sensational effect she was having.   Yes, it got her noticed.   No it didn`t get her anything else, like a place.  She swaggered out, a little puzzled that her star performance had not been appreciated.

Cupcake had been upset when I took her out of the crate to be shown, and wailed that he couldn`t be left alone.   So he was put in with my friend`s dog puppy, with whom he gets on really well.

Yes, they did get on really well.   When I came back they were playing a certain game much favoured by puppy dogs, with great enthusiasm, taking turns to be on top.   The bench was surrounded by fascinated tourists, with cameras.  I hurried to get him out, hoping that the next meme to go viral on YouTube will not be "bonking dogs at Crufts"   (with "I like to move it" as soundtrack).

It was fascinating to see all the foreign dogs, most of them champions, and most having the same fate as Angel.   It was good to  meet old friends.  But it was also very tiring, as was the journey home through endless roadworks and drizzle.

Maybe better next year.

Crufts indeed. I was laughing so hard I was causing a sensation at my work place. Teach me to read your blog at work! Your sense of humour is so amusing!! Best - Hester from Atlanta.
Really glad it amused you. YOu can`t take dog showing too seriously - well, I can`t. (And neither can Angel).
Cupcake wasn't liked?? Was the judge blind? He's so handsome, and miss Angel well, what's a bit of pee and poop between friends. She's gorgeous enough to carry it off ha x
Well...I suspect that it might have been me that the judge didn`t like....
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