Saga of a woman old enough to know better who lets her life be governed by the ridiculous hobby of breeding and showing dogs, musing on life, the twenty first century, Cameron and his mini-me, and the occasional sheep.

Sunday, November 02, 2014


As promised, I have at last managed a video of Belle and the puppies.  The weather has not helped, but we had a mild day, and out they came.

The two girls are keen on play, but the dog puppy always has to think about things a bit.  In my experience many dog puppies are like this.  I can remember Florian the Climbing Dog as a puppy sitting and thinking for hours with a very vacant look on his face.....of course I wouldn`t suggest for a moment that dog puppies are not very bright.  I will leave that assessment to his sisters.

Here they are, on a November afternoon -

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