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Saturday, January 14, 2017


Pupupies are now quietly and fatly approaching the three week landmark.   That`s when they are weaned, and wormed.  I`m fairly sure which they prefer.

Weaning is, thank goodness, not what it was.  I remember well the days of scraping beef and mixing a variety of baby foods.  The latter were unsurpassed for coating the puppy in a uniform layer which set hard in seconds, in interesting textured patterns - a bit like Artex.  Mother would look at you in disbelief as you then presented the caked pup for cleaning.   Now we have a ready made (non-setting) highly nutritional mousse which they love, and mother is
delighted to clean them off.  

Almost 3 weeks and catching up on beauty sleep

Unaware of all this drama to come,  Tess Trueheart goes happily on with motherhood, convinced that she has boldly gone where no bitch ever went before.  She is enjoying it all, as she does most things.  Just wait till they are running about and chewing your tail off, Tess!

One who is not having so good a time is Sparkle.   Washed and groomed, he was convinced that a show, his favourite thing of all, was in the offing.  However next morning when he rushed happily into his travelling box he was taken, not to a showground, but to the vet, to have his teeth cleaned.  A truly

Sparkle - "How could you?"
awful betrayal.

When collected, he was sad and resentful, with a pouting babyface and rolling eyes .  At home he was unwilling to come into the house.  Would he still be accepted?

His fears were justified.  They all looked at him sideways and avoided him.  I suspect that to them he smelled strongly of Vet, not their favourite perfume.  Shelby

him several times, giving me pointed looks – “Something wrong here, mum!”

I gave him titbits, and reassured him that his BF, Kaiju, is coming home next week.   That should cheer him a bit. 
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