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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Well, it`s been a while.  Health has had a lot to do with it, but  enough of that.

Mixed fortunes in the showring as usual.  At the moment Kaiju, his brother Figaro and the puppy Comet are in the ring, with the indispensable help of three able handlers.  Figaro, alas is sulky, and exhibits more than a little of "why am I here when I could be chasing squirrels?"  Kaiju is between coats.


Comet is exuberant.  At that offensive teenage stage, he has just discovered sex, and is a constant irritant to any creature of either sex which doesn`t run away fast enough.  He loves life, shows, and the sound of his own incessant squeaky voice.  But he is a little person, and they are not favoured by judges at the moment.  A fact which totally escapes him - he knows he is six feet tall, and seeks the company of really big dogs.  He wags his little tail at them with a look that says "We big boys must stick together. "

And of course there is Sparkle. He has come on.   Not in coat, which I would have liked,but certainly his personality has filled out.  He is now  a mature, confident boy, not just in the ring.  And he just may be expecting a family, having had his way with Belle, Cupcake`s quiet sister... we shall see. More puppies maybe - but at least not at Christmas this time.


And the offer of fatherhood is on the horizon for Figaro.

Well, maybe that will introduce him to something in life even more enjoyable than squirrels

I am happy to see that you are back, and hoping that you are well. Looking forward to reading puppy pictures and stories.
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