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Sunday, February 23, 2014


I haven`t been here in some time, and not because of illness or any trouble.

It was because of eyesight.

I have had two operations to replace the lenses in my eyes.   They had to be months apart, and then I had to wait for my eyes to “settle”.   The original lenses were reduced to fragments by an ultrasound probe and sucked out, and the plastic replacements inserted curled up, to snap open when in place.

The operations were the best part of the hospital experience.   The preparatory treatment and listing were so disorganised (“I can`t get blood from you – go and get it done somewhere else!”  and “how can your two eyes be so different?” )  that I was very relieved when at last just before I was taken into surgery a large arrow was painted on my forehead pointing to the eye to be done.  I felt at least that something would go right.

But it did go right.  I was amazed to find that for the first time in my life I could see horizons, without very strong glasses.  I could count the leaves on distant trees! Everything was so clear!   My  optometrist said it did his heart good to see someone who had had such an extreme prescription walking about without glasses.

Plush Feb 14 1
Plush, looking quite grown up

Not close up, though.  I found I had to mess about with reading glasses, and those didn`t help at the computer.   And I couldn`t have prescription glasses for this until my eyes had “settled”, which took weeks.  I only got them yesterday.  

So now I am back at the computer, and can deal with text input.

Meanwhile – well, nothing much has happened.  Sparkle and Tess have gone for a holiday and a little education to a good friend.   Plush and Mr Wag are now attempting shows.   Mr Wag loves it.  He swaggers and struts about and wags hard at everyone.   Plush is not so sure, but will do it.   How much success they will have, I truly do not know, but we will try.

Meanwhile Crufts looms for Angel and Belle, so wish us well!

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