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Monday, July 30, 2012


The puppies grow like weeds, and even their mother is looking a bit less devoted and a bit more escapist these days. Although she will still wash them, and if I pick up one, will come to see if itis all right.

Solitaire has been a really good mother. She has done her best for me in three litters, and can look forward to a life of leisure.

I told her the other day, "Now you`re going to retire!"

She rolled her eyes and stared. Suddenly I wondered if she was thinking, "Retire? Is that the name of the next dog who`s going to force his evil attentions on me?" I assured her that her worst fears would not be realised.

Meanwhile young Cupcake has really come out of his shell, and in the video goes bananas and rushes about with his ears flapping, to the astonishment of his sisters Belle and Gracie (one ear down).

The barker is not of course a puppy, but Florian the Climbing Dog in the background.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Right, what`ll we do now?"

Angel, absolutely full of it, as usual


Another show - and we all came armed with wellies and raincapes and umbrellas.

But the sun shone. It was a strange experience! And probably one we won`t have again this summer.

As always, Angel really enjoyed it. The ring had long grass, potholes and what looked suspiciously like two ancient cowpats, but she didn`t care. And she won again. And as usual was very smug about it, staring with contempt at her rivals. There is little point or pleasure in showing dogs if they do not really enjoy it.

And she travels well. One of my companions opened the dogbox to find his puppy had been sick all over itself, and was sadly but optimistically trying to clean off its front paws. Well, we rise above all that, don`t we?

Well, that`s Angel`s last adventure as a puppy. She is a grown up lady now, and will have to take her chances with the big girls.

Angel would assure you that she is a very big girl. Big enough to take on anything.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Never again, please!"

Cupcake, the puppy dog


A wonderful Sunday last, when I proposed to worm the puppies and settle to the Wimbledon men`s final.

Alas, the puppies decided to have a violent and messy reaction to the wormer which I had used twice before on them with no ill effects.....

So in fact I spent the afternoon coping with 3 little people letting fly at both ends, and between bouts insisting on sitting on my knee, because they felt so awful and needed a cuddle.

Meanwhile Andy, who possibly also needed a cuddle, lost.

All in all a very rewarding experience....and incidentally no worms.

(That`s the puppies of course - not Andy).

Sunday, July 01, 2012


This was an attempt to introduce the six weekers to the adults. Part of their socialIsation. They had already met some adults, but here were more, and outside.

Well.....somehow or other the response of the adults, after inspecting them, was to become wildly excited and show off. The poor infants started to look like settlers in an old western surrounded by circling whooping Indians.

Of course I rescued them. And they were none the worse.

Tough cookies, Papillon puppies.

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