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Saturday, April 13, 2013


Getting ready for a big show down south, I find I am being sidetracked by the Thatcher media circus going on.

I expect it is difficult for anyone outside the UK to understand the feelings that the death of Margaret Thatcher has revived.  Because she destroyed British industry, and incidentally whole communities, she was, and still is loathed in many areas north of the home counties.  She created a UK of service industry and in particular finance industry - and look where that has taken us!
A well-known Wicked Witch

In Scotland, she defined Toryism, and so to this day, Scotland does not vote for them.  The jokes that go around are that Scotland has more Pandas than Tory MPs (we have 2 Pandas), and that no Tory MP would ever be harmed in Scotland because here they are an endangered species.

Now we are facing huge Tory eulogies (do they forget slinging her out?) and a Ten million pound state funeral, at a time of austerity when people are being taxed for having a spare room, and food banks are proliferating.  Our government sees nothing incongruous in this.

Meanwhile there is a groundswell of opposition.  A Faccebook campaign led to that old song "Ding Dong, the Wicked Witch is Dead" rising to #3 in the top 40, which means that it is due a play on BBC radio - and there is no doubt as to who the witch is.   Cue much public heartsearching on the Beeb, and a strange decision to play part of the song, with "an explanation" (which will no doubt be yet another Thatcher eulogy).   Not a wise decision.

I think the spectacular funeral will provide a focus for opposition, and there may be riots.   There have already been street parties arranged to celebrate her death.  Our Tory government just does not or will not see that the anti-Thatcher feeling is not just about her, but is a measure of how much they are hated by those who are suffering under the "austerity" they have imposed, and see no effort to provide economic growth.

My position on this is quite straightforward.   I do not  believe any politician whatsoever deserves a state funeral.

And I remember from years ago, on a radio phone-in when this enormous funeral was first suggested, a young lad calling in -

"I think a state funeral for Mrs Thatcher is a wonderful idea!   Lets do it! .......
Do we have to wait until she`s dead?"
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