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Wednesday, February 06, 2013


The show season is underway for Angel the Brat and Cupcake and his sister Belle.  

Last weekend we went to a show in a venue which had previously seen the exhibitors and dogs huddling round industrial heaters.   This had been remembered, and exhibitors were piling in wrapped in duvet coats, scarves and heavy boots, looking like anxious penguins.   I was no exception.
Cupcake and Belle

But it was warmer this time, and both Belle, who behaved in a most ladylike fashion, and Angel, who strutted and sneered at the opposition in a very unacceptable fashion, won their classes.   Belle, having fluttered her long eyelashes and gazed earnestly with her deep black eyes at the judge, was rewarded by becoming Best Puppy in Breed.

 I would like to be able to get it over to Angel that being, or at least pretending, to be a lady in the ring pays dividends, but I despair of that.   She is a wicked little bitch, while Belle is a gentle Lady Dog, a variety of which I have had precious few over the years.   Female Papillons are on the whole evil, and totally up for it.

Ella was in season, and as usual took to her bed ...."women`s troubles."   She is totally anti-sex, and especially with Shelby, the other Chin.   She screams and bites him - just as well, as he is far too big for her.

Poor Shelby is puzzled and frustrated.   You can see him thinking "but she is the only girl here who is perfect at both ends!"

Sonja is quite recovered, and really missing those pills in pate.  I am still slipping her sausage rolls, though.  Little does she know that she is going back to the vet on Friday to have a small growth removed, mainly because she has decided that her new hobby will be licking at it incessantly.  Party hat for a while, Sonja!   And if you are lucky, more pills!

Do you have a more appropriate sized suitor for Ella in mind? I am glad that the "Sofa" is on the mend. Did Marcus get a Tesco treat after he was flattened by her?
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