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Friday, January 04, 2013


Gracie has gone.  

No, not departed this life.   She has been earmarked for a new home for some time.   And at last I found one - a very charming elderly gentleman who had lost his Papillon in an accident and found, as many do, that he couldn`t live without one.

We took Gracie and he mother over, and the little one was very charming and only had one accident on the rug,   Solitaire just looked worried.   These days, car excursions usually mean the vet, or (even worse) a visit to a male dog.   This was clearly not the vet, and she looked around anxiously for the latest Papillon Romeo .

Well, Gracie was an instant hit, and all was settled.   We left her being cuddled in her new owner`s arms, with a look on her face that I have seen on Papillon bitches before:  "I see I have inherited a house and a servant.   Well, it is no more than my due."

When we got home, Solitaire seemed a little bereft, but half of a fish supper soon reconciled her to the loss.   And after all she still has Cupcake and Belle.

They have no plans to leave.
Awww happy new home Gracie. It must be difficult homing the puppies Elizabeth, even I feel protective towards Gracie!
Well, I think she has been lucky, as the man really wanted a papillon to love and Gracie responded well. I always say that if it doesn`t work out the pup can always come back....but I`ve heard nothing, and I think no news is good news. I do hope to stay in touch with Gracie, though
Wonderful news, Elizabeth; a win/win situation for all. I'm sure Gracie will be pampered silly by her new gentleman/minion.
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