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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Not going out too much these days....

Last Wednesday, home from training, I was carrying the plump Sonja to her bed, when I tripped over something, and having to save Sonja first, I couldn`t save myself.   I fell and hit my head on the door.

I lay there for a little, trying to work out if all of me was still functioning.  Sonja, never the sharpest knife in the box, stood and looked at me.  "Why are you down there?   Do I still get my dinner?"    (I suspect that if it had been Truly she would have checked my vital signs and called an ambulance.....very efficient, our smart Truly.)

The eye
However, I got up, and had a sore head and an eggsized lump above my eyebrow, and that was all.   I got on with things.

But in the morning, somehow the problem had migrated.  I looked in the mirror - and there was the mother of all black eyes.  

I didn`t go out for 2 days.  I should have gone to the Health Centre for a prescription, but I felt that if I went in there looking like that, they wouldn`t let me out again.  And it kept on spreading.  Definitely not going away.
Eventually I went to the shows I had entered, and people pointedly refrained from comment....I think I am too formidable for jokes about drink and fighting.

I still have the multicoloured eye.   I suspect it glows in the dark.

I hope it goes in time for Crufts.
Oh Elizabeth!! My goodness me that's one corker of a black eye! That must've given you some fright when you fell :(
Hope you're recovered soon, I'll be looking out for you at Crufts
Yes - you lie there for a bit, wondering which bits of you are still working!

It is showing no signs of fading, and I think it would take whoever won the film makeup Oscar to disguise it.

I am going to look terrible at Crufts!
Hmm yes it will probably turn a few varying shades of blue then yellow before disappearing! You've got just over a week ooh, that might be a bit ambitious! Most important thing is that you're ok though and nothing broken. What a shame :(
Gravity can be so "helpful." There are some really good drugstore makeups. Brands such as Maybelline, and Loreal have some nice inexpensive stuff. Of course, you can just think up a good story and show it off.
Ouch! So Sorry, Elizabeth.
Caption for your photo:
"you should have seen the other guy"
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