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Thursday, January 24, 2013


I have long had a problem with an overflowing field drain that crosses the driveway, and was having a river flowing past my front door, with lots of red silt as an interesting memento, left in drifts when the water subsided.

Dido`s Grand Canyon
At last it is being fixed.   What was a small inadequate culvert has been dug out into a drain as big as a small roadway.   It would take Noah`s flood to trouble it.

Last night the old ones went out for their last run.   They came back quickly - and old Dido was wet and covered in mud.   It wasn`t raining, and at sixteen she is not too adventurous.   I was  puzzled.   Then a friend suggested the obvious.

"She fell in it."

The poor old girl had wandered up to the gate in the dark, as she does, only to find the equivalent of the Grand Canyon  had suddenly opened up across her usual route.  Fortunately she wasn`t hurt.

Meanwhile Sonja is a lot better.   She is devouring Tesco Value Sausage Rolls.  I wonder what is in them.  Tesco beefburgers are one third horse, we have just discovered,  but these are on an even lower nutritional level.  Roadkill Rolls?   Rat?   Sonja doesn`t care, and chomps on .

As an invalid she feels entitled to the best bed, and doesn`t care how she gets it.   She removes Shelby from the softest bed by simply standing and staring him down - he gets more and more uneasy and eventually runs away.

But last night she found little Marcus sound asleep in the best bed.   She studied the problem.   Clearly she concluded that he was a nonentity, and slowly climbed into the bed and sat on top of him.   Poor Marcus, a small lad, awoke to find that the sky had fallen - on him.  Sonja is a big girl.  She settled her furry ample bulk on him, like a hen with chicks.   Marcus had no desire to be hatched.  Muffled squeaks and heaving, and at last he struggled out, looking distinctly flattened and very offended....after all Red Sonja is one of his romantic conquests.

But that was a long time ago.

Now he only represents a small inconvenient  obstacle to sleep.

I suppose quite a few husbands are eventually demoted to that level.
"Now he only represents a small inconvenient obstacle to sleep" I suppose quite a few husbands are eventually demoted to that level!! You're absolutely hysterical Elizabeth, you should definitely write a book! Absolutely love that post :)) and glad Sonja is better x
If one of your drains starts running, it simply means that there is something wrong with your drainage system. At times like this, you should work on it as soon as possible. This is to avoid more complicated problems in the future. It can bring harm to other people too. In Dido's case, for example, she fell in it and ended up with mud all over her body. Since, it was already fixed, I hope that the route is all clear now.
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