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Saturday, January 19, 2013


Absent for a while with yet another chest infection - the usual rush to an emergency appointment and the usual antibiotics and steroids.   (I am still managing to keep it from the practice that I get a steroid high, and it means 5 days of  my brain feeling great, even if the rest of me is crumbling away and falling to pieces.

Red Sonja, aka Red Sofa
"More pills please!"

Red Sonja (aka Red Sofa) decided to come out in sympathy.   After a few days of just standing about looking miserable,  she began to squirt spectacularly.   Now our Sonja has a record of finding small dead - very, very dead (indeed the deader the better) - creatures and consuming them with relish.   I was very suspicious.   I remembered the epic of Sonja and the Squirrel - it was extremely dead, she refused to give it up, and the result was horizontal diarrhoea for days (while the look on her face said "It was worth it!")

This didn`t clear, and so we had a visit to the vet.   She had a going-to-vet bath.   Alas, one of the effects of spaying a Papillon can be drastic coat texture change.   When you wash the ample Sonja, the result looks like an explosion in a cotton wool factory.  

I took this fluffy fat apparition to the surgery and after blood tests and 3 injections we came home with pills, which, to Sonja`s delight are administered in chicken liver pate. She gazes longingly at the pill bottles.    And she is being tempted with cat food.   The old girl (now fourteen) is living high these days.

Life is quiet for Belle and Cupcake, Sonja`s grandchildren.   They should have been at a big show yesterday,  but the weather said no, so they are all dressed up with nowhere to go.

They don`t care.

And after looking at the show results, neither do I.

Next stop Crufts.
Aww poor Sonja, I hope she feels better soon and you too Elizabeth x
So sorry to hear about your health troubles but any news about The Sofa is most welcome. She's a personal favorite of mine. Just look at that dear little face...*swoon*
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