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Monday, December 31, 2012


...when you should be thinking over the events of the past year.  

But on the whole I`d rather not.

Instead I spent a happy time having the field drain, which has proved totally inadequate for the change in our weather, inspected for possible improvement.  Although it occurs to me when I look at the relentless overflow that maybe I should just harness the rushing water for hydro power and reduce my bills.   Meanwhile it piles up silt at my door, and the puppies love to play in it.

It has indeed been the year of muddy dogs.   Can`t remember one as bad.  A monsoon year, with some of the wettest outdoor shows ever.  People wearing out their wellies and developing webbed feet.

A reasonable year in the showring, despite health problems.  And I have great hopes for the puppies.  Well, if we didn`t have those fond delusions, we wouldn`t make plans for the coming year  - which will, of course, be a glorious one.

And I hope yours is too.
A very happy new year Elizabeth. Wishing you and all your lovely dogs health and happiness and many show wins for 2013! Xxx
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