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Saturday, December 01, 2012


Nothing here for a while, because I have been struggling with a really bad cold and a hacking and really interesting cough - the sort that empties rooms and sends bus passengers off huddling in corners.   The dogs are well used to me coughing and treat it with the same amused contempt as when I shout at them.

"We`re ready - let`s go again!"
Thoughtful Cupcake and bouncing Belle

Winter is here, and I hope it gets no worse.  I don`t mind sunny days and frosty nights provided they are not too severe.    I am hoping for a repeat of last year`s mild winter.   Hope is a great thing.

The puppies are coming on.  They went to their first breed show last week.   Very exciting.   Lots of other Papillons.  They behaved impeccably - Cupcake very laid back, and Belle very serious and anxious to get it right for Mum.   And it was Belle who was Best Bitch Puppy, much to her surprise and mine.  

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