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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Another show - and we all came armed with wellies and raincapes and umbrellas.

But the sun shone. It was a strange experience! And probably one we won`t have again this summer.

As always, Angel really enjoyed it. The ring had long grass, potholes and what looked suspiciously like two ancient cowpats, but she didn`t care. And she won again. And as usual was very smug about it, staring with contempt at her rivals. There is little point or pleasure in showing dogs if they do not really enjoy it.

And she travels well. One of my companions opened the dogbox to find his puppy had been sick all over itself, and was sadly but optimistically trying to clean off its front paws. Well, we rise above all that, don`t we?

Well, that`s Angel`s last adventure as a puppy. She is a grown up lady now, and will have to take her chances with the big girls.

Angel would assure you that she is a very big girl. Big enough to take on anything.
She reminds me of Daisy. Is there any connection? Congratulations Angel and good luck among the big girls and boys.20
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