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Monday, July 30, 2012


The puppies grow like weeds, and even their mother is looking a bit less devoted and a bit more escapist these days. Although she will still wash them, and if I pick up one, will come to see if itis all right.

Solitaire has been a really good mother. She has done her best for me in three litters, and can look forward to a life of leisure.

I told her the other day, "Now you`re going to retire!"

She rolled her eyes and stared. Suddenly I wondered if she was thinking, "Retire? Is that the name of the next dog who`s going to force his evil attentions on me?" I assured her that her worst fears would not be realised.

Meanwhile young Cupcake has really come out of his shell, and in the video goes bananas and rushes about with his ears flapping, to the astonishment of his sisters Belle and Gracie (one ear down).

The barker is not of course a puppy, but Florian the Climbing Dog in the background.

I just love these wee guys - they're sooooo cute and Solitaire is looking fab, such a good mummy.
Cute, Cute, Cute! The audio commentary by Florian was an added bonus.
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