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Monday, May 06, 2013

THE SILENCE OF THE PAPILLONS (No, not really - you should have heard them!) 

Bank holiday weekends are usually non-events for me - no public transport so I stay at home - but this time I was going to visit relatives across the river, so was busy getting ready.   I had already confined the younger dogs, who were very sulky about it, when there was an outburst from the Granny Farm, the elderly girls who were still out.

I went to investigate.   They were screaming abuse at a man walking along the garden fence.

Not a sight often seen at my gate...

Now I get a few of those.   They usually shout that they will go where they like and they have a "right to roam", and I face up to them and reply that that`s OK because I have a right to call the police and that`s what I`m doing right now.

This one didn`t respond to that.   He just kept on trying to get to the house.

And then the helicopter arrived.   A police one, hovering about in a search pattern.  The noise made any further conversation impossible.

Well, Bank Holiday Sunday, and the whole area as dead as the far side of the moon.   I reckoned that they must be looking for him.

I had another look at him, now trying to climb over the gate at the back.   If they were looking for him he must be an escaped criminal, or worse, a fugitive from the nearby Secure State Hospital, where the insane axe murderers go.

Well, he didn`t have an axe.   Or any weapon.   He shambled along, and looked harmless....but then so did Hannibal Lecter.   I saw a way out and waved to the helicopter, and pointed to him....

And the helicopter landed at my gate!   No, that doesn`t often happen.    Out came the crew, in helmets and kevlar vests, and all was made clear.   He had indeed escaped from hospital and was officially described as "very demented but quite harmless"  They had been searching for 6 hours.

Meanwhile two cars full of police and a van with more of them had pulled up at the gate.   They were more impressed with the helicopter than anything else going on.  "I`ve never seen one up close " confided one constable.

I had to make a statement, and was thanked for "helping a police operation".

They put him in the van and off they went.

I calmed down the old ladies, and in particular Fenella, who was still demanding that Something Should Be  Done, and phoned my relatives, who came and collected me.

On the way out we passed my Good Neighbours, who were understandably at their door looking out.  I explained.

"Yes, we could see something big was going on....

But we knew you`d be all right!"

Ooh what excitement, the kind I'm sure you can do without! But I'm glad all's well x
LOL No worries when you have your attack pack!
I was careful not to find out too much about him from the police - no point in worrying myself.

Anyway they were very pleased that I had waved down the helicopter.

And eventually I got Fenella, Marcus` mother, who is very keen on guarding the house, calmed down...it took quite a few biscuits.
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