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Tuesday, October 09, 2012


A fairly bright  mild dry autumn spell here means lots of outdoors for the dogs.   And I still have quite a few flowers, including a pot of lilies at the door.  I wonder how long they will last?


And the deer have returned.  (Were those girls off looking for a husband?)  

The other morning when I got to the gate there was a huge rustling in the hedge beside it.    It could have been a lurker.     I shouted, and out leapt a very shocked hind who stared at me and then made off at near lightspeed.

Always good to see them.

But it Truly spots them, she will be having plans for home-caught venison for lunch.

It`s great to stand 9 inches at the shoulder and believe that nothing is impossible.

Although I love all your dogs, that Truly is special. Gorgeous lilies.
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