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Saturday, September 22, 2012


I am soldiering on with shows and the terrible three and their education.

The trio attend training class weekly, and in between run riot.  The discipline of the lead is still not really appreciated.   One of the problems is Belle,   She is intelligent.   This is no help at all.  She really cannot see any good reason for marching up and down on the end of a lead at all.  It`s not as if we are going anywhere, after all....
Ham is the great motivator.   They do all love it.  I get through a lot during training.   And I get three different responses;

BELLE:  "Ham is nice, but really I could be doing better things - maybe reading philosophy or studying calculus - than walking back and forth with a piece of string round my neck"

GRACIE:  "Ham, and lots of it, and let the others see me getting it, and know that they are having none because they are totally inferior!"

CUPCAKE:   "Ham!   Ham!   Ham!"    

And this lot I have to get ready for the showring in December!

I hope we all make it.

Gosh I don't know how you do it Elizabeth, it sounds exhausting, you're a real Pro. The puppies are wee beauties and Solitaire is looking fab.
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