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Monday, October 22, 2012


A quiet time here, with lots of rain, and increasingly frustrated dogs kept in by it.   When I eventually got them out in the dry, there was a spate of arguments and score settling due to pent up energy, and I was kept busy sorting them out.

Meanwhile, the puppies grow steadily.

They visited yet another show at the weekend, and were very blase about the whole thing, although they would rather run about and create mayhem than be confined, even briefly,  in a show trolley.

"Let us out!"
Cupcake, Grace and Belle at a recent show

At training they share a pen with 2 slightly older Papillons.   Male Papillons, who have just discovered a new and interesting game.   This week they proposed to play the game with my girls.  Belle was puzzled, and indicated that she wasn`t very keen on them climbing on top of her.   Gracie indicated that they would lose important parts of their anatomy if they tried that on with her.

Cupcake sat and stared dismally.   He doesn`t play these games.   He didn`t understand.

He has still a lot of growing up to do.
What a fab pic of the puppies. They're just gorgeous. I love Following their progress. Hope angel and solitaire are well.
Angel and Solitaire are fine. Solitaire is still looking after the puppies, and Angel has turned into a real brat.

Cupcake will be shown, and possibly Belle, but I think Gracie is going to be really small, and will probably be looking for a home.
Glad all's well Elizabeth. Can't believe a gorgeous looker like angel could possibly be a brat! Bailey had an encounter with the groomer yesterday and was also displaying some brattish tendencies! He looks fab now though.
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