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Tuesday, November 06, 2012


We seem to be settling in for a quiet wet winter.  Lots of wet dogs, and the little stove kept hot and humming.

The puppies grow on, and have been admired at another Puppy Parade at a Championship show last weekend.   Their behaviour at the show was exemplary.  They made lots of friends, and showed off, and clearly enjoyed themselves.  Their half sister, Angel, showed off even more, and won again.

Angel at a recent show
(photo by Raper)

Their behaviour on the way, was something else.

Knowing their...little weakness, I had visited the vet for travel sickness pills.    Alas, he had only 2 left.   So little Gracie was left with her mother.   The other 2 were packed, and off we set.

Not far down the road the barking began.   The puppies were in separate boxes, to minimise mess, and one of them didn`t like it.   Probably Cupcake.   On and on it went.   A horrible squeaky puppy bark.  Just what you want to hear in the wee small hours on the motorway.   When we stopped, it stopped, so I wasn`t quite sure if it was Cupcake or Belle.   We just had to wait till exhaustion set in....and appreciate the silence.

And how did they arrive?

Well, the pills worked.   They were not sick.   Just rather damp.   But to make up for the lack of their usual performance, they had both indulged in a Brad Pitt in their travel boxes.   And then sat in it.

Alas, there is no pill for that.
Oh wow Angel...what a beauty you are!
Your posts always leave me smiling, you're a trooper, Elizabeth. :)

Angel is a doll, she looks so much like her mum. All of Solitaire's pups appear to have her "look"; well, at least to me but what do I know?
Yes, Solitaire contributes a lot to her puppies - and they are usually nice too. She is a great girl, and has given me a lot - and even if the sex thing has proved a great disappointment to her, she has loved her puppies.
I've never heard of the Brad Pitt moment. From the context I think I can figure it out. What movie did this literary slang come from? Hester who is curious.
"Brad Pitt" is rhyming slang. We have quite a lot of that here. It doesn`t really come from a film at all. The poor man just happens to have a famous name that rhymes with...well, what they did in their travel box.
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