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Sunday, November 18, 2012


The day came.   First show for the puppies, just 6 months old on the day.

We set off in the car, puppies on my knee, and all went well till we hit a diversion, off up hills and round winding twisty roads.  Belle, OK till then, gave me a look of hopelessness and threw up all over her indignant brother.    Cue towels.

Well, we had a long wait before Cupcake had his chance - a very slow judge beside whom glaciers looked speedy.   (Lots of time to dry him out).    But when I got him in, he behaved excellently, and was 3rd to two adult dogs...obviously a puppy would not be put first.

More waiting.   I had joked about how long the hall had been booked for, but it wasn`t so funny when we were actually evicted from it to another cold one - because they had to get the first one  ready for -  a wedding reception.   Really?   Would the wedding guests realise by many not so subtle signs that the hall had previously been occupied all day by dogs doing.....well, what dogs do?  How much cleaning would it get?

Belle, very serious 

Not my problem.   We moved,  and I still waited for Belle`s turn.   She competed with twenty-odd other puppies, and I was very doubtful, but when we got in there she rose to the occasion and showed herself off beautifully.  I was surprised and pleased.   Belle is a very self-composed little lady, and quite different from Cupcake, and probably has a sense of duty.

Mind you, ham helps!
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