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Saturday, July 30, 2016


Kaiju`s show career has begun.  And quite well, too. 

His first show experience was in a decaying ancient ice rink, with lots of echoing noise, big dogs and loud music.   And he loved it!  The little head went in all directions, trying to see everything at once.  He strutted his stuff, and at 6 months and 2 days, was 2nd in a class of 9, many of which were  11 months.

After the show, we went out into the park.  More excitement.  He spotted 2 boys skateboarding on some precarious ramps and an unimpressive attempt to build a half pipe out of discarded builder`s materials.  His eyes went wide.  That was for him! “ Lets go there!”   Sparkle looked at him sideways.  “Are you quite sure about this?  “  Sparkle is not brave, especially out of his routines, but Kaiju has been really good for  him.  However you could see him resolve never to go on one of those.  Much to his relief, I didn`t let either boy set off on wheels.

Kaiju at first Ch show 6mth
Kaiju at his first big show - "No skateboarders, Mum?"

The next show was a big Ch one, on grass.  I wondered if that would throw him.  Many a pup, faced with – how shall I put it? – well-used grass has simply glued his nose to the ground.  Not Kaiju.   He again did it all, only to be second to a puppy so nervous it would not put its tail up.   Kaiju stared at him.   Was he not enjoying this?  Maybe he just needed to be taken out of himself?   Perhaps if he could see some skateboarders…?    (Fortunately there were none.)
It has been a really good start.  Kaiju is a real sweetheart, and such fun to be with.

We shall see how it goes on.  In the present atmosphere of our breed, where winning is largely controlled by one family who judge a lot and their friend who breeds a lot and knows all the important judges, I don`t expect great things.   But Kaiju, bless him, will give 100% and showing him will always be a rewarding and happy experience.
Kaiju sounds like so much fun. To heck with ribbons and prizes, you don't need em.
This last litter, all 2 of them, has been SO much fun! I`m tempted to have another, now Tess is retired from showing. We shall see...
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