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Friday, May 13, 2016


A quiet time here.   The puppies are growing fast and are delightful – gentle and biddable.   They have been to a show – just to watch – and loved it.  Both were willing to take to an empty ring and, with frequent applications of ham, walk and pose.  It seems to come naturally to them

The adults are well and full of it as usual.  So full of it that I came out the other day to find they had organised their own lunch and were tucking in to a large fat pigeon.   I am still racking my brain as to how they got it.  A sudden avian suicidal impulse?   A heart attack?  Papillons, despite the size of their ears, cannot fly.    Not even Plush, who is mostly ears.  However, they  got it, they were having a really good feast, with feathers flying everywhere.  Fidget
was hiccuping feathers for some time afterwards…

Kaiju head  May 16
Kaiju, concentrating hard on those ears...

Ears are the order of the day with the growing puppies, who are going through the awkward adolescent gawky stage.  Kaiju seems to be diverting most of his energy to growing ears.  He is determined to outdo his mother, the Ear Queen.  His solemn anxious face, distorted by the throes of teething, stares out at me between two enormous wings.    Of course I have impressed on him that ears can never be too big.

After all, if they really grow so big that you take off in a high wind, that will make the next pigeon so much easier to get…
I do wonder if the Pigeon was suicidal. Your pack seems quite good at hunting and eating various wild things.

My Papillion has never shown an interest in hunting. On the other hand my miniature Dachshund is very interested in hunting ... in the garbage can, boxes, my purse and anything else he can get his big nose into. He thinks that lots of non-food items are very tasty. His vet record is lengthy.

I am looking forward to hearing more about your activities and "the pack."
What a gorgeous puppy! And congratulations on what sounds like fantastic personalities - I hope you have a lot of fun with them.
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