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Monday, December 30, 2013


A surprise happy ending to a soggy month of constant rain and floods.  My renewed field drain looked like the Amazon this morning, and I dared not let Tess Trueheart and Sparkle out in case they fell in and drowned.  All that was missing was the gate and the muckle great skate and the Lum Hat wanting a croon....however, this old lady didn`t fall in.

 The rest, having been out once in the torrential rain, were totally unwilling to go again, even when the rain eased.

Cupcake BOB and green star at Dublin
Success for Cupcake

But the happy ending?  Well, Cupcake, who has won every time out in Ireland, excelled himself in Dublin by going Best of Breed and winning his first Green Star.  I am delighted.  He is expertly handled and prepared and it seems that he has impressed everyone who sees him. 

Well, he would need quite a few more Green Stars to be a Champion, but I am well pleased at the moment   He has made a good start.

Maybe next year will be his year!
Well Done Cupcake !! And all the best for 2014 Elizabeth and your gorgeous brood xx
Congratulations! Well Done, Cupcake! Hope you are doing well, and wishing you more success this year!
Miss seeing your posts. Hope trouble is not the reason for your absence.
I have been away due to eye operations but all is well now. No trouble with me or the dogs....no more than usual.
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