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Friday, October 18, 2013


Cupcake`s puppies are growing like weeds, and driving me demented, as they are at that age, all teeth and gallop.

They have already been visiting.  They were taken to a friend`s house to meet lots more Papillons   The reactions were very interesting.

Plush Puppy decided that the best approach was to sit quietly under my chair and study the problem.   When she was sure she had it down, she went out and mingled.  She is a quiet but determined soul, strongly motivated by food.   When we tried some lead training, she was so obsessed by the ham that was offered as an incentive, I don`t think she noticed the lead at all.  Walk up and down on the lead?  Bring on the hot coals!  She intimated that she would

Plush and Mr Wag 12 wk
Plush Puppy and Mr Wag
happily do anything for that wonderful stuff.

Mr Wag has a simple philosophy about new and challenging situations.  “When in doubt, wag.   When in serious doubt, wag harder!”   His little tail was just a blur as all these strange dogs converged on him.     And it seemed to work too.   He will never have trouble fitting in.

As yet, I don`t know what their future will be.  I have Solitaire`s two coming on, and I will not be keeping four puppies.

Meanwhile the house motto seems to be  “Puppies rule!”
Plush and Mr. Wag are so darn cute I want to play with them now. There aren't many things in this world that are cuter than puppies, but I agree, 4 puppies at one time would be a bit much. In the picture you took, they look like they just want to jump up and fly away. Great Photo!!
They are good fun. Who knows what their future will be? Meanwhile I am enjoying them.
Plush and Mr Wag are just too cute. Is California too far away to be considered as a new home for one of them? How are Solitare's newest puppies? Is Marcus still set on world domination? Has Ella found a suitable "honeymoon date" yet?
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