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Saturday, October 12, 2013


All well and quiet here.

The door trauma is forgotten – even by Sonja, who possibly still thinks she narrowly escaped an unwilling trip to Narnia (The Lion, The Bitch and the Bad Door) or worse.

Solitaire Time Bomb puppies 2 days
Solitaire`s family  - the girl is on the right

Meanwhile, Solitaire has done it again.  She efficiently produced two beautiful puppies, one of each – and did it in daylight, bless her.  I hate those night time epics, when you wonder if you will be able to get help if you need it.  But Solitaire started at 8am, and was finished by 12.30.  She is very pleased with herself, and so she should be.  They are pretty, fat and beautifully marked, and mum has plenty of milk, so I am hopeful. 

Dad is Swedish, so this is quite an experiment.

This will be her last litter.   This time she is really retired.

I hope she believes me this time!
Aww! Well done Solitare, such a clever girl, beautiful pups
Oh,oh,oh, they're GORGEOUS. Congratulations xx
Yes, I think she has every reason to be pleased with herself!
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