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Monday, December 09, 2013


We went to a Papillon show the other day.

When I say “we” I mean the present team of Angel and Belle, Cupcake having followed the old advice – “Go west, young man” – and being busy abroad.   The girls travel together, and sometimes Belle is not even sick!

In this case she avoided vomiting over her partner and we actually arrived clean.  Mr Wag and Plush had also come, to strut their stuff in the Puppy Walk.  They were fascinated by all that was going on, with their little eyes very wide indeed.

As it happened, both girls won their classes.   This meant that they would both have to go into the challenge for Best Bitch.  I found someone to help and in we went.   She said she would prefer to hold Belle, as she had some inkling of Angel`s devious activities.

Belle and Cupcake 1
"My brother and I - he was given away - am I to be  next?"  - Belle

Belle, was fairly shocked.   She gazed at me, and showed desperately to me, in the hope that she would be taken back.  Clearly she remembered that her brother had been handed over and taken away.   Now it was her turn?

Angel was in no doubt.   Her rival on the show team had been got rid of.   She stood alone.  At last!  She swaggered and posed and cast unspeakable looks at poor Belle.  To cheer her up, Belle was offered a titbit – and Angel swooped and took it out of her mouth.  The message was clear –“You get  nothing -  you have no connection with us any more!”   (Belle`s  handler was amazed at this truly awful behaviour…Angel manages to amaze lots of people, usually not in a good way)

And afterwards it was her turn to be amazed as Belle came back to me.   What had happened?   Had I not got enough money for her?   Angel accepted the inevitable – she and Belle were a team again.

As to Mr Wag and Plush – well, Plush was queen of the Puppy Walk, and did everything on a loose lead perfectly.  As people commented, she is yet another Mummy`s girl.  I do seem to turn these out.    Mr Wag, on the other hand, made it clear that he would not be walking on any lead any day soon.

I think I have a struggle to come with him.
Belle is such a wee beauty I'm not surprised she is doing so well with showing, and cupcake is just adorable. I hope he getting on well in Ireland
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