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Sunday, December 01, 2013


A mild November so far, and since my entry was returned for today`s show, at which I had planned to continue the education of Plush and Mr Wagg, I decided to turn my attention to the younger two, and get them introduced to the great outdoors and the fact that there is a lot of it, and a sky overhead which is not about to fall on them.

They took to it quite well.  Mum was there, so were the other adults, and there were mounds of fallen leaves to snuffle through and a good chance of getting your paws dirty.

Sparkle, 6 weeks
"I didn`t think the world would be so big" - Sparkle

They are now answering to Tess and Sparkle.  I have to confess that the boy, Sparkle, had been answering to “Doughnut” and I felt I had to put a quick stop to that before it caught and held for life.  I really don`t need any more bakery products in this pack.   He is an adorable tail wagger – indeed the whole fat little body wags with delight,  while his sister is more serious.   She enjoyed the outdoors more, though and was more adventurous.   Their mother kept an eye on them, and shows no sign of getting tired of them.

Tess 6weeks
"I can cope with whatever it throws at me -if Mum is there"  - Tess

   I   have no news of Cupcake at the moment beyond that he has settled well.   I still miss him, though.

Apart from that, my life seems to be filling with hospital appointments – very festive.  I am waiting still for the other eye to be done, but it looks as if I will be seeing Christmas through glasses with one lens removed.

But not through any other kind of glasses – I don`t drink.
I can see why you would call Sparkle a donut. He certainly has the shape! Tess is a cutie. Have a good Christmas.
They are adorable! Just gorgeous puppies as are cupcakes 2. Hope you are well Elizabeth.
Thank you both. The puppies are totally cute, but then most puppies are at this age. I am hoping they turn out well, as I have no more litters planned (or unplanned!) I like the dog, but both look good. You have to keep hoping for the ideal Papillon!

Hi! Can I ask you a question about your dog? If you could email me that would be great!

What a lovely litter! They are both really beautiful. I hope they do really well for you in the future.
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