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Sunday, September 29, 2013


Cupcake has gone.

No, not dead.  He has gone abroad to seek his fortune, as many  young Scots have in the past.

We were in Ireland at a show, and he was admired by an Irish friend.   She studied him and then offered to take him and show him for me in Ireland, under FCI rules, where Phalenes are judged separately, (unlike here where you are depending on whether the judge of the day is willing to accept drop ears as equal to erect ones.) 

Cupcake 2 Aug 13
"It`s a very big world out there for a little dog..."   -  Cupcake

I had to think about it.  I am very fond of Cupcake, and he is seriously attached to me.   But this lady has a wonderful way with dogs, and hers live long active lives.  And, as I have pointed out to Cupcake, dropping his ears was not the best career choice in this country.  Eventually I decided the offer was far too good to let go.

So Cupcake was handed over, and was very puzzled indeed.  Where was Mum going?    I told him to be good.

And off he went.  As it turned out he settled in well.  And of course he will be coming back to me in time.

I still remember his new handler`s face when I told her his name.  I could see her thinking “And I have to say that out loud in the ring…?”

But he is in very good hands.

We shall see if he manages to make his fortune.
Good luck cupcake, we'll miss you. You're a beautiful wee dog no matter what the ears say. xx
I must say, I`m really missing him and have had a few second thoughts - but he`s there now. His sister Belle is a bit lost and needing more cuddles. And Angel is clinging to me, probably wondering if she will be next!

But Angel will never go away from me.

And after all, Cupcake will be back with me in a year.
I trust that young Cupcake will not have any more "unauthorized" dates with the ladies at his new home. I hope your eye is better. The rest of your crowd may be inspired to obey.
Cupcake has already two ladies waiting for him in Ireland. I hope that will satisfy him!
My eye is much better, thank you, and now I have to wait to have the other one done - don`t know how long.
As many a young Scot has done - will my Grandfather and his Brothers all headed to the US and/or South America. Surely Cupcake will fare as well as they did. This is rather like his year-a-broad in college lingo. He is so cute, as are all your dogs. My mother called all small friendly hairy
dogs "Woodgies". He definetly is a Woodgie. But as all young men in his year-abroad - I doubt he will write home very often.
Yes, we call this a "gap year" and I hope he makes good - but whether he does or not he will be back, and welcome.

My family emigrated to America in 1919 - but eventually my father came back, in 1937.
My grandfather immigrated from Scotland to the US in 1913 to follow his brother who was working on the John Deere estate (the name of which escapes me at the moment). This was in the Miami area. They worked as landscapers/horticulutrists. Among other things, my grandfater would work with the crews bringing the statues into the gardens. They would keep the statues vertical and would tilt them slightly and roll them on their bases. He called this procedure 'dancing with the ladies'. When WWI came along, the US government offered citizenship to immigant young men who enlisted. So he enlisted, became a citizen and stayed in the US. A lot of the landscaped areas of the John Deere estate went under water as the levee systems and canals in the Miami area were developed. Best - Hester
My family - the rest of them who stayed - were all engineers. The women married engineers. My father stuck it out through the depression, and at first he and his brother were always in work, but eventually they were reduced to operating the machinery in a bootleg brewery. My uncle thought it was fun, but my father hated it, and it was at that time he decided to go back to Scotland. His brother tried to persuade him, but he was determined to go. His brother stayed and eventually rose to be in charge of civil engineering (building) for the state of New Jersey.
He is utterly beautiful -- I wish him the best.
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