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Monday, September 02, 2013


Off to another show with the terrible three, two of which need a travel pill before we leave. Cupcake (aka Mr Floppy), is quite happy to eat anything he is given, but his sister Belle is  a different problem altogether.   She refuses all pills, whether in food or not, and when I tried powdering it and putting it on her tongue she foamed saliva everywhere.   I  was not at all sure how much had gone down.

Not enough.   When we arrived, Cupcake, as usual was dripping and wet.  Belle was fine.  The bedding was fine.   Angel, who had shared with her, came out sulking, with one ear down.

The ear was full of vomit.
"I sure got an earful!" - Angel

Angel likes to sleep on her back with her legs in the air.    Belle, obviously wanting to keep her bed clean, had very good aim, it seems.   Being sick in your friend`s ear takes some skill!

Well, out came the spirit shampoo, and on with the cleanup of the toxic spill.  Angel was not co-operative.  She informed me that she was disgusted and wanted nothing further to do with this show.   I ignored this and scrubbed away at the ear, wondering why I bothered at all.

Somehow I got the ear clean.   Angel stated that it would never go up again.  I had  had enough ear nonsense from Cupcake, and was very firm with her.   And sure enough, by the time she was due in the ring the ear was dry and up and didn`t really smell too bad.  She swaggered about as usual and was 3rd in a large class.

Every show, something new and exciting!

There is now coffee all over my computer screen. Your description of Angel's earful is truely hysterical. I laughed so loud people around me asked what was going on. I know taking care of your crew of dogs is a lot of work, but sometimes it sure can be funny. Best - Hester from Atlanta
Well, you should have heard my language as I cleaned out that ear! Sometimes you just have to see the funny side of it all. So glad you were amused!
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