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Saturday, June 01, 2013


Gearing up for the off again - down the road to a very nice local venue for a little open show.  Cupcake and Belle are very shortly due an appointment with the hot and soapy, followed by a good conditioner.

Last time I went there, I had a new crate for them.  The catch is a bit fiddly, and I didn`t secure it properly.  I settled them, and headed for the loo.   As I went into the cubicle I happened to look down - and there were my two little girls, Belle and Angel, walking demurely to heel as they have been taught.  I rushed out with them, to be accused by a large florid loudmouthed woman of taking them in deliberately.  Why?  Who knows!  (Don`t worry, there aren`t many such characters at shows that I can`t deal with.)

Belle - "I`ll follow Mum anywhere!"

Meanwhile, someone brought me back Cupcake.  Where had he gone?   Possibly to the Gents?  I could imagine him looking at the sign that said "Ladies" and thinking "I can`t really go in there..."

The fashionable thing to use is a lightweight crate made of canvas, and you see lots of them at shows.   To be fair, I have two of these and used them in Ireland some years ago.   I also used them here....until the day I came to fetch her to the ring, and was greeted by Allegra, head and shoulders out of the hole she had dug in the side of the crate.   She was delighted with her cleverness.  "I knew there was a way out!  And I was the one who found it!"
Allegra - "Leave it to me to solve a problem!!"

As anyone who reads this knows, I cannot ever be angry with Allegra.

I can however throw canvas crates into the nearest skip, accompanied by lots of bad language.
boosabCupcake and Belle are just lovely, Elizabeth!Two really typey little folk with quality written all over them.Lynda P
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