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Sunday, June 09, 2013


The new generation here seems to be a very soft one.

The other day I had Cupcake and Belle out with me.   Just the two of them.    And the rabbit.   It appeared a few yards away, and they both spotted it.   They stared.   Then they looked solemnly at each other.   What was it?  Clearly they thought it was rather cute...and what was all that noise?

"Well, looks like I made it this time!"

All that noise was Truly, in one of the small runs on her own because it`s safer that way and I didn`t need an all-bitch meltdown that particular day.   She was jumping up and down, all four feet leaving the ground, screaming "Kill it!  Kill it!  KILL IT!"   She looked in disbelief at the two youngsters, now staring at her in amazement.  What was she shouting about?  Swedish is such an incomprehensible language!  

Eventually bunny decided to hop off, leaving a very frustrated little Scandinavian person, and two mildly interested and puzzled young Papillons.

Truly was furious.   Lunch had passed her by...and what was the young generation coming to?

I must admit, I was surprised.  Most of my Papillons feel exactly as Truly does, and the pack have had a few rabbits in their time.  Belle and Cupcake seem to be very gentle indeed, to the extent that they could be mistaken for Chin.

Score one for bunny

Meanwhile, a trying time.  Kallista died of a massive stroke, and I am nursing young Velvet through encephalitis.   Not an easy week, this.
I am so sorry to hear about Kallista, and that Velvet is ill. Maybe it is good that the young generation is not into rabbit. Take Care. Much Sympathy. Janet
Awww, so sorry about Kallista :( and I hope velvet is on the mend soon. Bailey sends you Pap snuggles (he's very keen on snuggles). Hope you're ok, it's just horrible to loose a beloved pet x
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Thank you for your good wishes! Velvet does seem to be improving, and will see the vet again this afternoon.

Sorry that the 3rd person to comment, who also sent good wishes for a speedy recovery, decided to change her mind and withdrew them.
Come on velvet, you can do it!
I hope that by this time things are much improved and that Velvet makes a complete recovery very soon. So sorry for your loss, Elizabeth. It is never easy to come to terms with a gaping hole in the family.
So sorry to hear about Kallista :( it's always so sad to lose a dear fluffy friend. Best wishes to Velvet, come on pap, you can do it
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