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Sunday, August 21, 2011


A busy time (perhaps more for Solitaire than for me), during which I have been seriously affected by her need to get out in the middle of the night, every night, and the puppies have grown like weeds.

Having been very tied in by them, it was good to get out to a very local open show with Fidget. I had almost forgotten what open shows were like.....

Well, this one was different. We arrived a little late, to discover that nothing was happening. The booking had gone somehow awry. The secretary, drinking from a hot steaming cup, advised us with a bright smile that the caterers "hadn`t come".

We all watched the rings being set up with the nasty edge to our attitude that came from escalating caffeine deprivation and impending starvation. Eventually the catalogues arrived, and a queue formed. Comments were being made which I will not repeat here...

Fidget however was enjoying himself, and despite a very slippery floor and being placed 3 rd, swaggered a lot . And I had found relatives willing to feed me Earl Grey and biscuits. And outside the sun shone. And I had at last got out of the house for a morning. Things weren`t too bad after all.

Home to a very sulky Solitaire, who expects my constant attention. The puppies appeared to have grown visibly in my absence. They all settled down to putting away vast amounts of food.

And so did I.
Glad you got out of the house. Sounds like a small lunch will be added to your dog show packing list.
The puppies are so furry now! But, their mother needs to figure out that you ae not her personal servant. I assume she had some where to go potty while you were out. Or do the rest of your crowd make that impossible if you are not home?
Well, Solitaire is left in quite spacious accommodation when I go out. What she objects to is my absence. Where is her servant?

The truth is that Solitaire is very spoiled indeed. Almost as spoiled as Ella. I am expected to be there all the time for her.

(Ella doesn`t mind me going. She realises that unless I leave the house sometimes, future supplies of chicken, cake and ice cream will be seriously jeopardised.)
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