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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Not much showing, but plenty of activity here.

Decibelle (guess why she was named that) is now 9, weighs a lot less than 5lb stands about 8 inches at the shoulder, and believes she is a Rottie. That is probably why she tried to steal the food of a much larger dog, stood up for herself when challenged, and ended up being tossed about like a furry toy as all the others, who had been really bored up to that point, gleefully shouted "Fight! Fight!" and joined in.

I rescued her at once, and carried the muddy object, like the creature from the black lagoon, still shouting defiance, in to be washed and examined. No bites, but sore limbs.

I put her down to see if she could walk. And she did. On two legs. Both on the same side - the right foreleg and the right hindleg. Yes, it can be done, No I didn`t have a camera - you never do at moments like that. She headed lopsidedly for the nearest dish of food, looking like a crab doing a wheelie. I picked her up and headed for the vet.

Two injections and quite a few pills later, she is getting back to her normal self...well, indeed she never changed in character at all. She still believes she is an enormous formidable dog.

What is it about the little ones? Marcus is now obviously having a middle age crisis. Instead of having the relatively harmless human male symptoms of buying a motorbike or hunting for a young blonde, he is now bent on world domination. Having totally failed to dominate the much larger Shelby, or indeed any other dog, he is now eyeing up Fidget. Fidget is also much bigger than him - most things are much bigger than Marcus - and is not impressed.

Marcus and Decibelle need to learn that in order to throw your weight around, you have to have some weight to throw.

I will have to keep an eye on both of them.
Is Marcus still obsessed with all of the ladies I'm season? He may not be able to dominate Shelby,
but can probably brag about is popularity among the girls. As for Decibelle thinking she is a Rottie, what can I say? I have Wilbur the mini hot dog. He is about ten pounds of muscle. The "red menace" thinks he needs to protect his Mommy (me). He barks, loud but he is frequently hiding. He gets your attention by running over and lauching himself against your leg. This technique has gotten him barred from my parents house. They are in their 90s and the menace might tip them over. Lee Roy (Pappillon) likes to bark at stangers, but then calms down and becomes a licking machine -- legs, toes, your ears.
Have fun with Decibelle and Marcus. Decibelle needs to understand that you already had the Free Willy expense, and stealing from a Big Dog is not a good idea. Penalty of no more Tesco Value Sasauge appropriate?
I think Marcus`real problem is an absence of willing ladies in his life.

Decibelle simply sees it as her right to steal food. Anyone`s food.

Unfortunately, as she is having 2 pills per day, I have to give her the usual pill concealer, Tesco Value Liver sausage. My dogs would swallow cannonballs wrapped in that. So what with the sausage and the exciting time in the vet`s waiting room, which was full of cats, she is not too upset about all this.
I'm living proof that being a fearless pap can get you into huge trouble. The good news is that if you manage to survive it, the very same attitude gets you out of trouble as well. Glad you are feeling better Decibelle. The lack of respect these days is awful.
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